About Chicory Tea Co

Chicory Tea Co. was founded in 2020 as an Ohio tea company with the mission of infusing moments of love, light, joy, and peace into the daily routines of life. With a profound appreciation for various tea varieties, including herbal tea, black tea, green tea, and white tea, paired with locally sourced honey from our home state of Ohio, we aspire to offer you a reason to slow down each day and nourish your soul.

Each blend is meticulously handcrafted, utilizing only Certified Organic Herbs from top-quality suppliers to ensure the most delightful tasting experience. Over the years, our collection of flavorful tea blends and infused honey has continued to grow, fulfilling our commitment to delighting every taste bud.

Chicory Tea Co. takes pride in being an integral part of our local Cincinnati community and beyond, frequently collaborating with other small businesses, promoting eco-conscious practices, and giving back. We find energy in authentic connections and shared experiences.

So, from our hearts to yours, we hope you discover even more peace, light, love, and joy in your life—especially in the little things, like the perfect cup of tea.