Frequently Asked Questions

Are your products organic?

We craft each of our delicious teas with certified organic ingredients. However, our company is still in process of receiving our own certified organic stamp of approval.

Is your company environmentally friendly?

Yes! We care very much about the sustainability of our planet and using resources wisely. As a result, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our carbon footprint.

Some steps we have already taken:

  • Recyclable shipping materials.
  • Reusable glass jars for packaging.
  • Biodegradable shipping peanuts.
  • Banana Waste Paper packing slips.
  • Recycled paper labels on packaging.

Can I buy Chicory Tea Co products wholesale?

Yes! We offer our products wholesale on Faire.

Where can I buy your products locally?

Visit our "Where to Buy" section!

How do I make a cup of tea?

We recommend the following steps for brewing the best cup of tea:

  1. Put the kettle on! We recommend letting your water come to a full boil and allowing it to cool ever so slightly.
  2. Add a heaping teaspoon of loose tea to your reusable strainer or biodegradable tea bag.
  3. Follow the specific directions for your tea blend.
  4. Don't forget the honey! Our flavored honey was created specifically to compliment our teas. Add as much or as little as you like and don't forget to lick the spoon.
  5. Enjoy!

Is there any sugar in your tea?

Our Chicory Chai and Apple Spice Tea has less than 1g of added sugar per serving. The sugar added to our Chicory Chai is pure maple sugar which has a lower glycemic index than cane sugar.

Does your tea have caffeine in it?

Each product description indicates whether or not it has caffeine. All herbal teas are naturally not caffeinated.

Why does honey crystallize?

All honey eventually crystallizes over time. Because our honey is raw, unprocessed honey will crystallize faster than traditional processed, store-bought honey.

Simply heat your honey jar in a pot of hot water to liquefy it again or simply scoop it into your hot tea as-is.

Where do you get your honey?

Chicory Tea Co. works exclusively with an apiary near Cincinnati, Ohio who utilizes sustainable organic farming practices for his bees. Each harvesting season we get first pick of his crop to supply our customers with the best of the best locally sourced honey!